Sedation Dentistry

Peach Orchard Dental Care Offering Sedation Dentistry in Augusta!

 Anxiety about dental procedures can be a serious problem for some patients and can even prompt them to skip the dentist altogether. While most would not give a routine dental procedure a second thought, for an anxious patient, the idea of a visit to the dentist can seem too overwhelming to complete. In order to help anxious or fearful patients keep up regular dental visits for improved oral health, the team of dental professionals at our Augusta dentist’s office are happy to offer sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry from our Augusta Dental Office

While many believe that sedation dentistry is meant to put the patient entirely to sleep during treatment, this is not always the case. Our office offers oral conscious sedation, during which the patient will remain awake, but in a much more relaxed and comfortable state. The aim of sedation is to put patients at ease and to make any visits to our Augusta dental office a breeze.  Patients will still be able to respond to questions or signal to the dentist in case they are uncomfortable at any point during the procedure.

Is Sedation Dentistry a Good Choice for You?

Oral conscious sedation is safe and can ease the anxiety that patients may experience while receiving dental treatments. Sedatives are taken by mouth, which means there are no needles or discomfort involved in the process. Sedation dentistry is so effective that most patients cannot recall details of any dental procedures performed even though they were awake during the process.

Common medication for oral conscious sedation can include:

• Valium® – Produces a mild amount of sleepiness and amnesia and usually stays in the system for a longer period of time. Valium is idea for longer procedures.
• Halcion® – Will produce sleepiness and amnesia, as Valium does. However, Halcion does not stay in your system quite as long and is better for shorter visits.
• Ativan® – May cause higher levels of the drowsy and amnesiac affect an hour after it’s taken.  Ativan has a smaller half-life and will not stay in your system as long as Valium.
• Versed® – Quick-acting and producing a high level of sleepiness and amnesia, Versed is ideal for short appointments that may last 30 minutes or less.

Because levels of drowsiness may vary from patient to patient after any medication has taken effect, it’s best that you are not your own chauffeur to or from your dental appointment.  Make sure to bring along a helper who can be responsible for your travel to and from our Augusta dental offices.

Sedation Dentistry Services that Are Tailored to Your Needs

Because sedation medication varies, it best to talk to your dentist about what method will best serve your needs. If your fear of dental visits has previously kept you from visiting a dentist’s office to keep up a good oral health care routine, Dr. Avery is happy to help you discuss how you can benefit from the oral conscious sedation methods at his Augusta dental office.  Sedation dentistry can work wonders to ease your fear of the dentist’s chair, so that you can get your oral health back in top shape.

For information on sedation dentistry in Augusta, please contact us or request an appointment online.